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How astrology works is a mystery. An ancient art honed through thousands of years of practice, it is based on the Doctrine of Unity: the notion that the universe is an interwoven fabric, and epitomized by the Hermetic maxim, "As above, so below." The astrological concept of a celestial-terrestrial interconnection has been with us throughout the ages, reflected in many of the world's spiritual traditions.

Even though there is compelling circumstantial evidence for astrology's underlying principle of interconnection, we have yet to discover the scientific mechanism that can account for it. We are living in exciting times, however, when fields of modern physics and mathematics, are moving towards interesting, parallel understandings regarding the seemingly magical interplay of energy and matter. We are beginning to see validation for some of the observations mystics have been alluding to for thousands of years.

I fully realize that because I am an astrologer many people will automatically brand me as a lunatic, and yet here I am sticking my neck out anyway, risking ridicule. For even though astrology does seem inconceivable, nevertheless, over and over again, I personally see it working. I see its accuracy and usefulness when I apply it to my clients' lives and my own. So however "outlandish" astrology's claims are, there does seem to be something to this crazy old art. There are many aspects to this great big universe of ours we have yet to understand, and the underpinnings of astrology, the how and why it works, is one of those mysteries. As Iain McGilchrist wrote in his book on the two hemispheres of the brain, The Master and His Emissary:

Certainty is the greatest of all illusions: whatever kind of fundamentalism it may underwrite, that of religion or of science, it is what the ancients meant by hubris. The only certainty, it seems to me, is that those who believe they are certainly right are certainly wrong.

Opening the Heart  JUPITER IN LEO  July 16, 2014

Where Jupiter goes so goes optimism and enthusiasm. As the planet of horizon-widening experience moves through the zodiac signs, the ways in which we gather inspiration and bolster faith and hope in life shifts and changes, flavored by the sign through which this planet of Greater Fortune travels.

Tomorrow Jupiter will leave the Moon's sign for the Sun's sign, trading Cancer for Leo. Allow yourself to expand on the positive qualities of heart-centered Leo — generosity, courage, leadership, warmth, love, creativity, joy — and you'll increase your luck and good fortune. Leo is associated with the heart and the power to create, and so, over this next year, we are all meant to become better at "putting self in center ring," to shine, to seek and receive more love and attention, but to also give it away much more freely and unselfishly too. Leo is not just the star on the stage but the supportive loved one in the audience radiating courage-bolstering "I get a kick outta you" love and affection. Leo is the courage to live from the heart not the head.  Read more....

Digging in the Dirt  THE CANCER NEW MOON + PLUTO  June 27, 2014

Tomorrow's New Moon falls in compassionate (but sometimes touchy) Cancer, our special guide over the next month. A sign that can heighten moodiness, ruled as it is by that ever-changing nightlight of ours. With Cancer at the helm, we can be charming, sweet and considerate one moment, and cranky, out of sorts and irritable the next. This shifting, dual nature is a strong aspect of Cancer, and is represented by its "yin-yang" glyph.

Sensitive, at times too much so, to others' moods, when Cancer is a strong influence, we can easily confuse what we are feeling with what others are feeling, which can make relating a very tricky ordeal. So when the New Moon falls in this sign we too can have more difficulties than usual objectively dealing with our emotions and seeing situations, especially emotionally charged ones, clearly and objectively. However, when Cancerian sensitivity is working well, and we are surrounded by loving family and friends, a wonderful feeling of connectedness and sympatico can flow. It is much easier to feel at home somehow, and to know just the right way to make others feel at home too. Cancer is the archetypal Mother, symbolic of divine Mother Mary and her unceasing, unconditional love.  Read more....

Where the Wild Thyme Blows  THE JUNE SOLSTICE  June 21, 2014

It's summer solstice this week for those of us who live topside on Mother Earth. Marked by the Sun's entry into the cardinal, water sign of Cancer, it is the culmination point of the Sun's yearly journey north. At this Northern Hemisphere peak of life-giving solar power, the masculine Sun just so happens to glide right into the arms of the feminine Moon, entering Cancer, the sign she rules — a blending of our male-female luminaries, adding to the potent love magic at this almost too heady time of year.

The June solstice was called Midsummer by the Celts because it marked the midpoint of their summer season, which started on Beltane or May Day. The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), and explains quite clearly what a solstice is: the Sun appears to come to a halt and for three days rises in the same spot on the eastern horizon. There are two solstices each year and they mark the two "Sun extremes" — the Sun has reached its furthest point north at the Cancer or June solstice, and furthest south at the Capricorn or December solstice.  Read more....

"Fool" Moon Illumination  THE SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON  June 12, 2014

Every year the Sagittarius Full Moon arrives to illuminate the places where we sell out, wig out and stop short in life. You know the place, we all have at least one, and painful as hell this sore spot can be. It's there, and we know its there, even though we like to pretend it's not. "What? me? Afraid?" We laugh nervously just as, once again, we make that quick u-turn and hightail it back to safe, familiar terrain, so afraid of failing, afraid of looking stupid or foolish. So afraid we move ourselves off the field of experience in life to sit comfortably on the sidelines, munch some snacks, and watch the excitement "out there."  Read more....

Imbalance  MARS DIRECT IN LIBRA  May 19, 2014

Next Monday, or Tuesday depending on your location, Mars will station direct, charged up by its recent involvement in April's cardinal grand cross. Gliding in retrospective, retrograde motion since March 1st, frustrations, irritations, and an omnipresent vitamin-deficient, wilted feeling of lethargy have been, to some degree, plaguing us all. Like a furnace shut down with only the pilot light burning, we've lost a good-sized portion of a critical source of heat and fire. So it is while Mars is in retrograde motion, we lose some of our usual ardor and zest for life, patience and strategy become important allies.  Read more....

The Square Dance of Change  THE URANUS-PLUTO ALIGNMENT  April 21, 2014

Today our two outer-planet dynamos, Uranus and Pluto, align once more in a challenging square aspect. The blending of Uranus and Pluto is probably the most transformational and potentially explosive of all the planetary combinations, all the more so when activated through one of the most dynamic, action-oriented of all aspects, the square. Producing a whopping seven exact squares, all falling in a three-year period, their first exact alignment occurred in June of 2012, and the last will fall in March of 2015.  Read more....

The Squaring of the Circle  THE CARDINAL GRAND CROSS  April 20-23, 2014

Beginning this Sunday through the 23rd, a grand cross, a rather rare planetary pattern comprised of the initiating cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — signs that mark the four seasonal turning points of the year — will perfect. Gliding backwards into place, Mars will transform a t-square, an off-balance formation that has been building for some time between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, into a stable grand cross — that is if you can call anything involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto stable. It's probably more accurate to say unstable energies locked in a stable formation, an apt description of a bomb perhaps before it detonates.

Both the grand cross and the t-square are stressful chart patterns, stable or not. They also impart great determination and focus, for good or ill. T-squares and grand crosses are FORMIDABLE sources of power frequently found in the charts of our most highly successful individuals, successful perhaps, not necessarily benevolent. Both T-squares and grand crosses require careful handling else the energies build up internally; therefore, one must have projects and goals through which to direct and discharge this considerable energy in productive ways. There is the sense with all crosses that we are holding the reins of a very powerful team of horses, stagecoach drivers barreling down a rutted, dusty road. True for you personally if you have one of these configurations tucked in your own chart, true collectively when one is building, as it is now, in the heavens.  Read more....

The Japanese woodblock print, Kingfisher and Iris, shown above, is the work of Ohara Shoson (1878-1945). Shoson is considered by many to be the foremost 20th century designer of bird and flower prints, or kacho-e.