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How astrology works is a mystery. An ancient art honed through thousands of years of practice, it is based on the Doctrine of Unity, or belief in a universal interconnection of matter — the macrocosm within the microcosm.

The belief in a celestial influence has been with us through the ages, reflected in myriad ways in many of the world's spiritual traditions. Epitomized by the Hermetic maxim, "As above, so below," one of the main tenets upon which astrology is based.

Although there is compelling circumstantial evidence for astrology and its underlying principle of interconnection, we have yet to discover the scientific mechanism that can account for it. We are living in exciting times, however, when fields of modern physics and mathematics, are moving towards interesting, parallel understandings regarding the seemingly magical interplay of energy and matter. We are beginning to see validation for some of the observations mystics have been alluding to for thousands of years.

I view astrology as a symbolic language that describes archetypal processes, the planets representing distinct and specific energies that shape — but do not wholly determine — our inner dynamic. My interest in becoming a professional astrologer stems from wanting something more soulful to contribute in life — a vocation that enables me to work with people in a richer and more meaningful way. I feel that the best kind of astrological consultation consists of illuminating one's personal dynamic processes rather than delineating set personality descriptions or traits. Here's more about my background and experience, and the consultations I currently offer.

The Squaring of the Circle  THE CARDINAL GRAND CROSS  April 20-23, 2014

Beginning this Sunday through the 23rd, a grand cross, a rather rare planetary pattern comprised of the initiating cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — signs that mark the four seasonal turning points of the year — will perfect. Gliding backwards into place, Mars will transform a t-square, an off-balance formation that has been building for some time between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, into a stable grand cross — that is if you can call anything involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto stable. It's probably more accurate to say unstable energies locked in a stable formation, an apt description of a bomb perhaps before it detonates.

Both the grand cross and the t-square are stressful chart patterns, stable or not. They also impart great determination and focus, for good or ill. T-squares and grand crosses are FORMIDABLE sources of power frequently found in the charts of our most highly successful individuals, successful perhaps, not necessarily benevolent. Both T-squares and grand crosses require careful handling else the energies build up internally; therefore, one must have projects and goals through which to direct and discharge this considerable energy in productive ways. There is the sense with all crosses that we are holding the reins of a very powerful team of horses, stagecoach drivers barreling down a rutted, dusty road. True for you personally if you have one of these configurations tucked in your own chart, true collectively when one is building, as it is now, in the heavens.  Read more....

A Blood Red Moon

Yet another indication of the unique times in which we are living, next Tuesday a total lunar eclipse will fall in the cardinal air sign of Libra, the first eclipse in Libra since 2005, AND the first in a series of FOUR consecutive TOTAL eclipses that will fall in April and October, this year and next.

With eclipses, more commonly, we get a Neapolitan assortment of three flavors (partial, penumbral and total) all mixed up and in no particular order. Sometimes, however, a more orderly sequence forms which next Tuesday's eclipse will kick off. When four consecutive total lunar eclipses occur, astronomers call the series a "lunar tetrad" — the scientist's rather bland and unpoetic way of referring to four, powerful total eclipses that appear (in case we distracted humans miss the message) as BLOOD RED MOONS.  Read more....

Tech-No-Logic Reality
MERCURY & THE T-SQUARE  April 14, 2014

Throughout the day today, clever Mercury, cognitive agent, is going to be active. Associated with the most intelligent of animals like Coyote and Fox — archetypal tricksters who possess great slyness and charm, who are masters of the path through the wildwood — Mercury will be serving up a stiff cocktail à la Molotov, lighting a fuse under three other "wanderers" in our solar system: those bad boys, Uranus and Pluto, PLUS Jupiter, all three already sizzling in an ever tightening t-square.

Mercury conjoining Uranus really stimulates the grey matter, the synapses are firing away right now, the ideas are clicking, the mind a restless, ever-watchful wolf. The square to Pluto adds an ability to see what lies below the surface, discern what is NOT being said, pick up on how language and communication can be used to manipulate and divert power. Jupiter's influence here can, on one hand, spark optimism and increase the philosophical desire to explore the greater truths of existence, contemplate the meaning of life. But Jupiter can also fan the flames, turning dedicated researcher and super-sleuth Mercury-Pluto into the "poison pen," or the gossip that tears people to shreds. Jupiter can also inflate Mercury-Uranus's brilliance into hubris: the scientist who has lost his soul, succumbing to power, the desire to control.

All of which, all of these Olympians held together in such tense aspect, evokes what John Trudell, Native American poet and activist, said about our ability to think clearly, to even know who we are in this growing "technologic perceptual reality" as Trudell puts it, placing an emphasis on the "NO" in "tech-NO-LOGIC" resulting in, as he sees it, this devastaing loss of human spirit.  Read more....

Turning Point or Boiling Point?  SUN OPPOSITION MARS  April 8, 2014

Since its station retrograde on March 1st, Mars has been in an uncharacteristically contemplative, inwardly-focused state. We are often less overtly active and energetic. The normal flow of positive, yang martial energy that we use to accomplish things in life has been, to a certain extent, taken from us. In its place is the power of contemplation and self-assessment. One of the primary benefits of this more subjective, internally-focused Mars is to take as much of a breather as we can on that "full-tilt" pace at which we too often try to function. It is time to pause for reflection and "rethink" our strategy, our approach to important goals and ambitions, our overall life purpose and direction. How we assert ourselves, manage the inevitable conflicts and struggles, how we exercise our personal power is also very much up for scrutinizing.

At the opposition point, the Mars retrograde pattern shifts, and its effects which, up to this point, has been working primarily in reflective mode, begin to emerge, break out of its retrograde cocoon.  Read more....

Imagine  THE ARIES NEW MOON  March 30, 2014

This Sunday, the Moon meets up with the Sun to commence a new lunar month in the pioneering, cardinal fire sign of Aries. The chart for this lunation shows the Sun-Moon conjunction conjoined unpredictable, agent-of-change Uranus, which means the New Moon is also involved in a building cardinal t-square that links Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter in tense, dynamic relationship. Before the Aries lunar cycle is over, Mars, retrograding in Libra, will transform this t-square into a grand cross; and this will concide with Uranus and Pluto arriving at another exact square alignment. And all of these potentially volatile, concurrent events will be bracketed by eclipses, which also bring instability and change. This is a significant number of weighty events occurring over a relatively short period of time; and whenever this happens, as above so below, life becomes much more eventful.  Read more....

Catharsis  THE ARIES EQUINOX  March 20, 2014

When the Sun enters the cardinal fire sign of Aries each year, it signals the official start of spring, the beginning of a new season of growth and fertility — here in the north that is. For south of the equator, it is autumn and the harvest season has begun. The Aries equinox also marks a brand new astrological year, no matter where you call home on the planet, marked by the Sun's entry into this very first, "arch-cardinal" sign of the zodiac wheel. So a chart drawn up for the moment the Sun enters Aries not only forecasts the solar month and season ahead, but also the themes for the entire year as well. And looking at the chart, we see several different, powerful, and complex patterns clearly inscribed. I wish I could say things look sweet and rosy for the season and year ahead, but I would be lying to you. There are, however, always potential benefits during hard times.  Read more....

The Square Dance of Change  THE URANUS-PLUTO ALIGNMENT  Nov 1, 2013

This Friday, our two outer-planet dynamos, Uranus and Pluto, will align once more in a challenging square aspect. The blending of Uranus and Pluto is probably the most transformational and potentially explosive of all the planetary combinations, all the more so when activated through one of the most dynamic, action-oriented of all aspects, the square. Producing a whopping seven exact squares, all falling in a three-year period, their first exact alignment occurred in June of last year, and the last will fall in March of 2015.

This year, we arrive at the midpoint of Uranus' and Pluto's extended "square dance" of change with two exact alignments: the first occurred last May, and the second this Friday, November 1st. The 2013 exact squares are especially significant as they coincide with the two eclipse seasons of the year, tremendously bolstering the potential for radical change.  Read more....

The Japanese woodblock print, Kingfisher and Iris, shown above, is the work of Ohara Shoson (1878-1945). Shoson is considered by many to be the foremost 20th century designer of bird and flower prints, or kacho-e.