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Quicksilver: The Full Mercury in Virgo


Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 1:56 pm PDT / 20:56 UT
Sun Conjoined Mercury at 01° 51' Virgo

Today marks an important culmination point in the cycle of Mercury, which in astrology represents our ability to think, connect, and make sense of the world around us. Later today, here in Pacific time, Mercury will conjoin the Sun marking the "superior conjunction" or "Full Mercury" — the fruition phase of a cycle that began on July 9th, when Mercury last met up with our central star.

At that time, the Sun and Mercury conjoined in Cancer, smack dab in the middle of Mercury's retrograde cycle. Referred to as the inferior conjunction — or "New Mercury" — this conjunction occurs when our trickster planet is up to his best retrograde trickery and coincides with the planet's approach to Earth.

Akin to a New Moon, the inferior conjunction is the starting point in Mercury's cycle, when the seeds of mercurial intent are planted in our lives. The peak of Mercurial activity, however, does not occurs then, but two months later, at the next conjoining of Mercury and the Sun, when Mercury is in direct motion and moving at a full "quicksilver" speed. And this synapse-firing high point is where we are right now.

At this Full Mercury culmination, it is useful to look back at the genesis point of the cycle. So what was going on in your life in early July? What did you set into motion back then? What was foremost in your thoughts and concerns at this time? Do you see any connections between what you experienced then and what is happening right now in your life? For it is mercurial harvest time. What was intentionally or inadvertently set in motion is fruiting now.

There are 47 days between this current Full Mercury and Mercury's next retrograde station. So we are at a special stretch of time when we can experience the greatest Mercurial momentum, it is now that can reap the rewards gleaned from the reflection and review we completed when Mercury was in retrograde motion and a new Mercury cycle was begun.


Mercury in the Natal Chart: Our Connective Tissue

mercury-statueMercury is the messenger of the gods, our fact-gatherer and distributor of information. His winged shoes (talaria) are representative of Mercury's function as a go-between from the world of human affairs and the transcendant realm of the gods. Mercury delivered messages from the gods to mortals which represents his function as a bridge from the mundane to the sacred.

Mercury is restless, inquisitive and curious energy and a strong natal Mercury imparts a quick wit, mental liveliness and versatility. In the myths, Mercury is also a notorious trickster and thief and he represents this kind of darker cunning as well. The con man and the pickpocket are also aspects of a powerful Mercury, gone wrong. The coyote trickster myths of the Native Americans are essentially mercurial and Uranian as well — Uranus as the usurper of the status quo, one who upsets the apple cart big time. Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury working at the collective level. The way in which groups connect and work together (or not) is associated with both Uranus and Mercury.

In the natal chart, Mercury represents how our minds work, our intellect, how we process experience, how we connect with and make sense of the world around us. Mercury's main concerns are cognitive: reading, writing, speaking, teaching — the gathering and distribution of information you need in order to function well in life. Mercury is also associated with movement and making meaningful, useful connections to the world around us: commercial transactions and travel, short trips in particular are associated with Mercury. Mercury is present in the complex and intricate workings of your computer as well as your own body's circulatory system as well. Wherever movement and connections happen, Mercury is there.


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A Special Mercury in the Natal Chart Reading

special-graphicFor a limited time, I am offering a special reading at a special price on this fundamental — yet often overlooked as the very air we breathe — personal planet in the natal chart. Included in the reading is a detailed look at your natal Mercury — its sign, house placement, and major aspects. I will also look at the Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo, where they hold court in your chart, the houses of the chart in which they fall, and which tell us a great deal about the areas of life in which Mercury is strong and active in YOUR life.

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