October 27, 2016 at 9:16am PDT / 4:16pm UT

Sun conjoins Mercury at 4°40' Scorpio

mercury-magMercury conjoins the Sun today marking the "superior conjunction" or "Full Mercury," the fruition phase of a cycle that began last September 12th when Mercury last met up with our central star in the earth sign of Virgo smack dab in the middle of its retrograde cycle.

Referred to as the inferior conjunction — or "New Mercury" — the September conjunction occurred when our trickster planet was up to his best retrograde hijinks and coincided with the planet's closest approach to Earth. Akin to a New Moon, the inferior conjunction is the starting point in Mercury's cycle, when the seeds of mercurial intent are planted in our lives. The cycle's peak, however, does not occur then, but two months later, at the next conjunction with Mercury in direct motion and moving at a full "quicksilver" speed. And this synapse-firing high point is where we are right now.

At this time, we reap the rewards gleaned from the reflection and review we completed when Mercury was in retrograde motion and a new Mercury began.At this Full Mercury culmination, it is useful to look back at the genesis point of Mercury's cycle. What was going on in your life in mid September? What was foremost in your thoughts and concerns? And, do you see any connections between what was going on then and what is happening now? For it is mercurial harvest time. What we intentionally or inadvertently set in motion last September is now ripe and ready. Something that was unclear, cloudy or confused may be brought to clarity right now.

There are 47 days between the Full Mercury and its next retrograde station (April 28th). So we are at a special stretch of time when we experience the greatest Mercurial momentum. At the Full Mercury, we reap the rewards gleaned from the reflection and review we completed when Mercury was in retrograde motion and a new cycle began. Although with one serious caveat, Mercury conjunct an eclipse, which suggests this momentum will be folded into the chaos that is often apparent during eclipse time. So while those synapses are indeed firing away, it's a good time to exercise caution in the areas of life Mercury rules: commmunication, transportation, electrical equipment and any kind of commercial transactions.



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The wonderful engraving of Hermes is from a supplement to the January 1887 issue of the magazine, The Graphic, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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