Natal Chart Readings

The natal chart or horoscope is a map of the solar system at the time of birth and shows innate tendencies and potentials. A "blueprint" is a fitting analogy because the horoscope does not delineate set fates or fixed personality traits. Rather, it symbolizes a "work-in-progress," revealing our unique gifts and special life challenges with which we were born, but over which we have free will to transcend. The increased awareness gleaned from a Natal Chart Reading often gives us more power of choice and the necessary confidence to move past areas of life where we have been stuck. Natal Chart Readings can also help us recognize some lovely, but under-utilized, innate talents and gifts that have been flying under our radar for too long!

Blue Moon Astrology readings are individualized, custom interpretations, prepared by me personally. A Natal Chart reading length is approximately 1.5 hours and includes two to three hours preparation time to provide an in-depth chart analysis of the highest quality. In addition to the natal chart reading, with each session, I also include beautiful, high-resolution copies of your birth chart and "aspectarian" — a listing of your natal aspects, as well as follow-up time for discussion and questions in email.

It is impossible to adequately cover all the nuances and complexities of a natal chart in one session; therefore, it is important to identify two or three critical areas of concern, curiosity, or questions on which to focus the reading. Some examples of a chart reading focus are: relationship challenges and the ideal partner (as noted in the relationship themes in YOUR chart); career, vocation and life purpose; or money and finance.

Blue Moon readings are not "skim the surface" grand tours of the natal chart. A quality, custom astrology reading is an integrated analysis that takes into account the entire chart's dynamic, and therefore addresses the entire person.

If this is your first astrology reading, I recommend focusing the reading on your chart's main themes, which involve the fundamental elements: Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Rising Sign); however, whether this is your first or 50th astrology reading, the reading is for you and I will be happy to accomodate whatever focus you prefer.

My fee for a Natal Chart Reading is US $225. I accept credit cards and PayPal. You may also pay by check or money order if you are in the U.S. I will either record your reading in .mp3 format for download or provide the reading in written format. If you have a preference, one way or the other, please let me know when you order.

If you are ready to purchase a Natal Chart Reading, please email me for the details. Thank you!