13th moon



Rousing the Heart


Friday, March 4, 2011 at 12:46 pm PST
The Moon and Sun Conjoined at 13.56 degrees Pisces

Pisces marks the place where our muses reside, where the soul and spirit flies — images, sensations and feelings take precedence over tangible, mundane reality. Pisces is the portal to higher and the lower realms, the rabbit hole, and the other side of the looking glass, the rusty gate that opens to a wild, overgrown path leading us deeper into our own mystery, into the dark realm of the soul.

A sensitive water sign, Pisces is ruled by both horizonless Jupiter and misty, otherworldly Neptune. It is the 12th sign and culmination point of the zodiac wheel, the last astrological stop in the human journey towards higher consciousness. Pisces is where we learn to connect with the eternal.

Pisces is the natural sign of the 12th house and so the workings of this interesting, difficult to decipher house will very much be at play throughout this lunar cycle. Dana Gerhardt refers to the 12th as "our own personal esoteric text," and it is an apt analogy because it is so difficult to make sense of it, the rules of the material world do not apply here in this otherworldly domain where sensation and image are the currency. Dreams, symbolism, archetypes, common to mythic and spiritual traditions the world over — this is Pisces' language. We dream the same dreams, no matter where we live, no matter our culture, Pisces reminds us. We come from the same oceanic origin and our fates are not separate, but entwined: a collective fate. Pisces takes us away on a misty journey to the center of our soul in order to rouse our hearts from a deep slumber.

The chart for the New Moon reveals the potent Sun/Moon conjunction degree held between the protective arms of both Mercury and Mars, all in this receptive, sensitive water sign. Mercury in Pisces is the poet and the composer, one who can hear and fluently speak the language of the cosmos. Life is experienced richly and though the heart and soul, not limited by the literal mind. Mars in Pisces is the spiritual warrior who rages against greed, injustice, and selfishness. A warrior fulfilled through her dedication to the collective good, rather than individual greed.

This new cycle finds us at the threshold of big change. But first, there's some work to do in Pisces' soulful realm. It is time to go inward, commune with your angels, connect with your higher self in order to strengthen yourself for the coming big change and upheaval that is looming. It is a wise and necessary phase right now. When you emerge at the Aries New Moon next month you will be all the better for it, and your path will be blessed and infused with the pure light of your own radiant soul.



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The photograph of the light filtering through the redwoods was taken by me soon after sunrise one morning last week.